Tim Newton Stories

I work with a guy who is extremely talented at illustrations. I have seen him freehand some incredible pictures that will take your imagination on a trip it won't forget. Watching him at his craft is like getting caught hooked on an old episode of Bob Ross painting happy little trees - only this guy is way cooler. Nothing he does is short of awesome.

Then, to make things even cooler, I recently learned that he is also good at telling stories. Whether it's to a group of friends or to his son at bed time, he always has something good to share. As a father, he wants to share important Christian values to his son and has done that through his illustrations and story telling.

Now, Tim Newton is passing those values along to the rest of us. Recently, he self-published his first book The Gift of Ferdinand Frog, a story that teaches kids to embrace their differences and work together to "accomplish big things." It's a great little story that rolls off the tongue. My kids love the illustrations and have laughed again and again at the story, while easily picking up on the moral.

Tim is living in Franklin, Tennessee, and is working on bringing us more stories. His personal story is one worth knowing and it's one you can be a part of by buying his books. His work is the kind of thing that when you see it, you know he's going to accomplish big things himself.

I hope you'll buy a copy (or several as gifts) and become a part of Tim Newton's Stories yourself. You won't be disappointed - neither will your kids.

Go check it out - www.TimNewtonStories.com