Gossip in the gap

A lot of the gossip that starts about you starts because you started it. It started because you didn't tell a good story in the first place. Maybe there's no back story, no emotion, no purpose, no conflict and resolution. Maybe you just told the ending without the beginning. Maybe there are no relationships in your story.

Fewer gaps in the story will make you a better leader. If you leave too many gaps in your communication, others will rob you of your influence by filling in those gaps for you.

Gossip is usually the fastest way people fill in the gaps. It's done by drawing conclusions from connecting unrelated things based on limited information from recent events and plugging them into the story you started.

If you don't want people to rewrite your story or squelch your influence, learn to tell a better story by closing the gaps in your communication. Don't blame others for gossiping about you. It's partly your fault.