This old truck

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It's a Dodge Swiftline 100 from the late sixties. I remember it as "ForMac's Truck." Every morning, I would ride with my dad to his shop where I waited on the bus. While I waited on the bus I would walk around the outside of the truck bed and see how many laps I could make without falling off. 

I remember my great Uncle Clearance was the one who drove this truck most. It was three on the tree, with the dimmer in the floor. I loved the old vent windows that you could point directly in your face and the long loud squeak of the clutch going in and out.

I spent a lot of my childhood helping the A-Team with this truck. It wasn't B.A.'s van or Face's Corvette, but it got the job done. I fought off a lot of bad guys and got into a lot of car chases on Saturdays while my dad and others cut firewood. Once the wood was split, it was my job to throw it in the back of the truck.  After all these years, the back window is still there. No matter how many logs I accidentally threw into it, it never shattered or even cracked.  Of course, the rest of the truck hasn't fared so well since then.

I'd love to see this old truck, along with a similar one my Grandpa had, be resurrected.  Even if isn't, I'm glad the memories were.